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Written by Jason Hoe
Last updated: 24 Jan 2017 
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There’s a lot of money in the financial markets.

And we’re sure you’d like to get yourself a piece of this pie.  The Triennial Central Bank Survey (from April 2016) puts this figure at $5 trillion per day.

And that’s only foreign exchange (forex). It doesn’t include the CFD market, Binary Options or Spread Betting.

One way to get involved is through affiliate marketing. It's low-cost and low-risk. But how much can you earn as a forex affiliate?

Whilst it’s nigh impossible to give you exact, verified, figures we have gathered a few examples for you. All are based on real world comments from various affiliate forums.  We’ve taken their stated forex affiliate earnings and worked backwards.

Note: the comments are dated now but the ideas are still the same.  All examples are exactly that, examples. They do not represent any guarantees of return or promises of success. The income figures are not verified and have been posted to forums by users who we do not know. All information below is based on projections, estimates, and best guesses from the information we were able to find on various broker pages, and other websites.

Example 1: Scott making $9,000/m

Monthly income: $9,000

Affiliate for: forexAffiliate (affiliate program of easyMarkets)

Commission structure: program offers $400 CPA (not sure what CPA means?)

Conversion rate: program states they convert 25% of leads

Working backwards, with Scott’s income figure of $9,000 for a month’s activities, we can see that he must have had 23 referrals.

If the program consistently converts 25% of it’s leads then Scott must have sent them approximately 92 quality leads during the month.

Leads can be generated from a multitude of sources. Scott may have a website with good content and decent traffic.  Or a landing page with paired with a PPC campaign. Perhaps, he has a database of people interested in making money online and gets his leads from a mail out or blog post series.

Whatever the method, the goal is the same. Convince your audience to click on your affiliate links and follow through with signing up. A good partner program will then handle the on-boarding, converting a large percentage of them into qualified clients.

Example 2: Nicolas earning $400-700/pm (recurring)

Monthly income: $400-700

Commission structure: revenue share (rate not stated)

What’s interesting about Nicolas’ example is that he mentions he makes $5,000-$8,000 per year from advertising he did four years prior.

Let that sink in for a minute.

He has done no further paid advertising, writing or website promos. He signed up to an affiliate program, promoted his link through paid advertising (we don’t know how much he spent unfortunately) and that’s it. Four years later he is still earning thousands in commission - thanks to his referrals remaining active.

If you create a good strategy, take action and refer a decent list of traders you could swap a wee bit of short term work for recurring long term gains.

Example 3: Jeremy earning $3000/m

Monthly income: $3,000

Affiliate for: easyMarkets ForexAffiliates program

Commission structure: program offers $400 CPA

Conversion rate: program states they convert 25% of leads

This user has provided his source of leads: a forex blog achieving 150 unique visits per day (4500 visits per month).

To make $3,000, he needs 8 qualified referrals.

With a conversion rate of 25% that means he needs to be referring 32 leads per month.  He only needs 0.72% of his monthly traffic to click on his affiliate link to make $3,000 per month.

If that doesn’t get your motivation pumping, I don’t know what will!

Example 4: $4,000/m from Maric's review website

Monthly income: $4,000

Affiliate for: eToro

Commission structure: program offers $400 CPA or 25% revenue share

While Maric does not state what payment structure he is under his comments lead us to believe it must be revenue share.

Maric also states that he partners with other programs as he runs a review site. For our example we will assume a blanket 25% revenue share commission across his portfolio of affiliate programs.

Calculating the leads and conversions is trickier under a revenue share model as there are a lot more variables to consider.

What we have assumed above is that he’s making about $4,000 per month based on a 25% revenue share model. This means his qualified referrals (anything from 1 to 100’s) must have made enough trades to generate $16,000 per month in fees for his partners.

Example 5: $15,000/m from a portfolio of forex sites

Monthly income: $15,000

The thread this comment is from followed a different structure to the others so our information varied. This trader states that he makes between $10,000 and $20,000 per month from his affiliate marketing efforts.

His costs are near to $0 as he uses an SEO strategy - targeting organic traffic. He has 6 years of experience and runs 50 different forex websites. This is what we would consider an experienced affiliate marketer!

If we assume he is making $400 CPA with a program that has a conversion rate of 25% (to keep things in line with the other examples we’ve looked at) then he must be creating 38 qualified referrals per month from 152 leads.

What are you waiting for?

Hopefully these examples provide you with a few ideas and whole lot of motivation. Now it's time to create your own high earning affiliate marketing strategy in the endless world of the financial markets.