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RoboForex Affiliate Program

RoboForex affiliate programs are an excellent opportunity to earn money due to the trading volume of the attracted clients, start and develop your own business, and expand your client base. RoboForex offers its partners favorable trading conditions, timely paid affiliate commission, and provides them with updated marketing materials and tools for attracting new clients. 

RoboForex Affiliate Commissions Table

Affiliate commission at RoboForex is transferred to partners on a daily basis. When calculating your affiliate commission, we take into account all transaction performed by your clients, without any time limitations and restrictions concerning differences between opening and closing prices.

What are affiliate accounts? 

Accounts of "Affiliate" type are the accounts with the intentionally increased spread and commission for each transaction, thanks to which the partner can receive more affiliate commission. In case of these accounts, the partner receives his affiliate commission for every single transaction, regardless how fast it was opened and closed and whether it was profitable or not.

Who may benefit from a affiliate account? 

These types of accounts were introduced in response to demand from the partners, who provide their clients with different additional services (Expert Advisors or trading signals), when the minimum possible spreads are not the major factor that influences the results of trading activity. The increased spread may be considered as a fee for such services.

There are two ways to open an "Affiliate" account: 

1. Using referral link: When using your affiliate referral link, the client’s first and the following accounts are registered in your partner group (unless the client specifies the affiliate code of the other partner when registering a new account). In this case, Affiliate accounts will be available for opening right away in the registration form in the dropdown list. 

2. Using affiliate code: If the client, who would like to open Affiliate-account already has registered Members Area, he has to specify your affiliate code in "Affiliate code" field in the registration form of a new account. Only after that, Affiliate accounts will be available in the dropdown list.

Asset manager?

Let Copy FX take care of the behind the scenes work, while you focus on building up your business. Best of all, Copy FX charges you're clients directly, including performance fees and a provision per trade, so there's no need to chase your clients for what's owed.

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