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Multi-Step CPA

Pepperstone Partners

The Pepperstone Partners CPA affiliate program is built for marketers who seek to earn a flat commission for every forex and CFD trader they refer to Pepperstone. Whether you're a website publisher, media buyer, affiliate network or blogger the Pepperstone affiliate program, with their unique CPL like structure, may be for you.

A better way to earn. The standard Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) model doesn't reward affiliates for leads they generate partners. Why wait until your leads fully qualify before getting paid? You spend time and effort to convert your leads, you deserve compensation for every lead - not just the ones that qualify.

With the Pepperstone partners Multi-Step CPA model, you get paid for every step of your leads’ journey. Push your marketing budget further and increase your return on investment with instant rebates as your leads progress through the signup process.

See their commission structure below. Commission tiers are determined by country. All amounts listed are in USD. Please see their website for more information.

Pepperstone Partners Commission Tiers

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