Moneta Markets

Moneta Markets

Moneta Markets Affiliates can earn up to $800* CPA! Tailored for Digital Marketers, Bloggers and Social Influencers, the Moneta Markets Affiliate Partners not only gain access to industry leading CPA, but a wide range of professionally designed marketing tools that are proven to boost referrals.

Moneta Markets CPA Partners Program

The Moneta Markets PnL share program is tailored for those with a proven track record of referring high quality clients. As a Moneta Markets PnL Share partner, you can unlock an industry-leading 50% share of the revenue earned from every client you refer and their trading activity.

Moneta Markets' IB program is designed to help you earn ongoing revenue for the clients you refer, for as long as your clients are trading. All Introducers unlock the potential of earning up to $8 rebates!

Moneta Markets Hybrid partners gain access to an exclusive offering enabling partners to great CPA payments as well as ongoing rebates when your referrals trade. As a Hybrid Partner, you can choose the earnings model that is best for you, whether skewed towards the CPA style, or the IB reward structure.

Payment Frequency
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Wire Transfer, Neteller, Skrill
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English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Arabic, Portuguese, Thai, Malaysian, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese
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